Roll Off

These containers range in size from 14 to 40 yards and are used for larger projects such as large roofs, demolition, storage, modifying structures and other high volume commercial waste removal. If you have a constant high volume of waste, we specialize in installing compactors of various sizes. These units will reduce the number of lifts that you will need and keep all your waste contained in one area. Our compactors can be rented, leased, or purchased. Maintenance and installation material costs are included in our rental, lease and purchase pricing.

These containers come in the following sizes:

Cubic  Length  Width  Height
   14        14'          8'          4'
   20        22'          8'          4'
   30        22'          8'          6'
   40        22'          8'          9'

Front Load

The front-end service is normally used for commercial waste removal. These containers range in size from a  2 to 8 yards and can be lifted as many as 7 times a week or as little as once per month.  Locks are available to ensure that you are the only people to use your bin.
The same type containers can also be used by home owners, businesses and contractors.  Our Front End containers can be used  to remove older roofs, renovating existing establishments, cleaning out garages or for new home construction sites. Regardless of the size of the assignment, we have the proper equipment and necessary manpower to assist you in your project.

These containers come in the following sizes:

Cubic  Length  Width  Height
    2        72"          36"        38"
    4        72"          56"        48"
    6        72"          66"        60"
    8        72"          66"        81"

Hand Pickup

For all your companies office needs. The Hand Pickup truck gathers common office waste and recyclables like paper, cardboard, pop cans and more.  This service is normally used by businesses that have a very small volume of waste or have nowhere to put a container.

FERO’s commercial Hand Pickup program is the first in New Brunswick to offer a commercial WET and DRY separation program. Ours is also the first program to conform to the standards set down by the Westmorland Albert Solid Waste Commission.  As there is no additional charge for this service, we encourage all businesses to do their part in helping the environment by separating their waste into the two streams.  Training is provided free of charge to all those interested.

Please contact the office nearest you or call 1-800-668-3376 so that we can submit a site waste audit to determine the most efficient solution for you.


We have one of the largest commercial recycling facilities in Atlantic Canada. Each year, our fibre and plastics recycling helps keep over 14 million pounds of valuable resources out of landfills.  FERO is able to recycle a wide variety of materials. Our collection services include cardboard, sorted office paper, old newspaper, magazines, catalogues, flyers, etc. We also recycle several varieties and grades of plastic. Of course, that is not all we can recycle. For a complete list of recyclable material, please contact us at 

We market our materials to a wide range of end users all over the world from the Maritimes, Canada, United States, China, India and England just to name a few. If you are interested in reducing your impact on the environment and valuable landfill space then give us a call at 1-800-668-3376 so we can help.


We sell, rent, buy and repair compactors, recycling equipment, containers, balers, chutes, hopper doors and related parts.

Repair services can include such things as hydraulic analysis, electrical repairs and metal fabrication.

Please contact us for pricing.